Armand acquired a passion for winemaking from his parents, Jacques and Ida du Toit, who were fruit and wine growers and together with his uncle Alex, they have progressively developed this young winery.

Armand and Alex, sharing a commitment to producing noble wines, will continue to produce excellent wines for years to come, driven by an ambition to pay tribute to their family legacy.


Du Von SHIRAZ 2013

Unfiltered, unfined, barrelled aged - Full bodied Shiraz with spicy black pepper and berry aromas and flavours. The grapes for the Shiraz 2013 were hand selected to ensure optimal ripeness and flavours.

We ferment our red wines in open-tanks to give the wine the perfect balance between tannins, flavours and colour. This wine was aged for 24 months in a combination of 2/3 French oak and 1/3 American oak Barrels. Minimum interference-No fining or filtering ensures rich and bold flavours. This wine is unfiltered and unfined, which may deposit sediment.

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Wine specifications

Vintage: 2013

Alcohol: 14.5%

Acidity: 7.0 g/l

PH: 3.45

Residual sugar: 3.6 g/l

Vineyard specifications

Soil type: Clay/ Stoney soils

Rootstock: Richter 110

Age of Vines: 15 Years

Vines planted: 3100

Tonnage: 8Tons/Ha


Du Von Chenin Blanc 2016

Old Vine Chenin Blanc-Granny Smith apple and honey flavours and aromas with some floral characters.

The Chenin Blanc grapes where hand selected and harvested from vines planted in 1985 to ensure that only the best grapes were picked for optimal ripeness and flavors. The grapes were crushed and destalked followed by 6 hours of skin-contact. Only the A grade juice were used during pressing to minimize any negative flavors and tannins.

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Wine specifications

Vintage: 2016

Alcohol: 13%

Acidity: 5.3 g/l

PH: 3.34

Residual sugar: 7.4 g/l

Vineyard specifications

Soil type: Limey Karoo

Rootstock: 101/14

Age of Vines: 31 Years

Tonnage: 6Tons/Ha


Du Von Sauvignon Blanc 2016

Dry-Crisp, Medium-light bodied Sauvignon Blanc with fruity tropical guava and gooseberry flavours and aromas.

We are proud to say that we bottled our fruity and crisp Sauvignon Blanc this year. With only a single block to harvest from, there is no room for error. Fermented at low temperatures to ensure optimal flavours and aroma development.

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Wine specifications

Vintage: 2016

Alcohol: 11.5

Acidity: 5.6 g

PH: 3.40

Residual sugar: 2.3 g/l

Vineyard specifications

Soil type: 40% sand, 60% clay

Rootstock: Richter 99

Age of vines: 9 Years

Tonnage: 15Tons/Ha